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Winter 2015

They’re the friendly faces you see in the halls every day. They’re the caring men and women who are the eyes, ears and feet on the ground at LHSC. They’re porters and they provide a vital service. Responsible for ensuring that a vast variety of people and items travel from point A to point B in a safe and timely fashion, porters transport precious cargo across both hospital sites and throughout all clinical areas at LHSC.

There are 127 porters and 11 dispatchers between University and Victoria Hospital. Porters transport patients, stretchers, wheelchairs, beds, carts, specimens, linens, charts, samples, medications and other miscellaneous supplies. When portering dispatch receives a request for service,the call is entered into a computer system, which then pages the next available porter.

Though speed of service is highly important, priority is always given to the needs of people and patients before equipment.

“I’d say that the number one shared value in the department is showing kindness and compassion,” explains Suzanne Schwab, Manager, Portering, Victoria Hospital. “The type of care that porters provide is linked to their ability to interact with patients on a personal level as they facilitate their transfer around the hospital.

Often, what makes the difference for someone is to know that they are heard and cared for. Porters operate at a high level of self-awareness and are empathetic and compassionate. They make a very real difference in the patient experience at LHSC.”

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