Meet Robert Pio Hajjar

A man of many talents along with health challenges, including congenital heart disease, makes a positive difference in so many lives.

Help and hope through the First Episode Mood and Anxiety Program

Diagnosed with depression, Kirstie Leedham began having anxiety and panic attacks so severe she went to the emergency department. FEMAP helped her get her life back.

From sinus infection to brain surgery: Gabe regains his life

What started off as a common cold for Gabe Truant led to life-threatening brain swelling and multiple surgeries before he started to recover from his illness.

How hospitals help stem the tide in the opioid crisis

The incidence of opioid abuse and fatalities has grown over the past 20 years. Read about the historical perspective which is giving us insight into why this might be the case, and how research is providing a way forward.

Challenging the statistics for women

Researchers explore why women have worse outcomes after aortic surgery. They looked at three different outcomes - early death, stroke and comlkications - and found that, compared to men, women were much more likely to experience worse outcomes across every measure.

LHSC provides highly specialized dental care for children and adults

Patients with special needs, the medically compromised and those suffering devastating injury such as facial trauma or disease such as cancer, often need comprehensive specialized oral health care best delivered in hospital.

How can I become a patient or family advisor?

At LHSC patients are at the centre of everything we do and our commitment is to work together to continuously improve the quality of care we provide and the patient experience. One way we do this is by seeking patient and family input.