Every day is a gift

After undergoing a laryngectomy to treat her neck cancer, Kathy Poirier continues her courageous fight - but doesn't forget the importance of laughter and love along the way.

Back in the field

Without a clear diagnosis, obstructive defacation syndrome overtook Elaine Fisher's life for nine years. A Canadian first in robotic surgery has allowed her to live on her own terms.

Clearing the air: why Ontario hospitals are going smoke free

We explore what the Smoke-Free Ontario Act means for health-care organizations like London Health Sciences Centre, and how it aligns with providing the best possible patient care.

A stroke of luck

Yvonne Reynolds awoke one morning and knew she was having a stroke. After receiving care at London Health Sciences Centre, Yvonne speaks about the significance of getting help at the right place at the right time.

Helping retired men find new meaning in life

Men 60 years of age and older are at a high risk for depression and suicide. Dr. Marnin Heisel is leading an innovative study to discover how social bonds can help retired men find meaning in life.

Did you know?

From paediatric emergencies to seniors' mental health, London Health Sciences Centre's social workers help patients and families inside and outside hospital walls.

You asked us

I want to quite smoking. What are some tips to help me succeed?