On the scene at LHSC

A look at what we've been up to since our last issue.

Josh's Story

A promising young man's tragic story becomes a powerful lesson for youth. Through LHSC's Impact Program, Josh's Story is reaching out to save young lives by revealing the dangers of distracted driving.

Special delivery

The chances of having spontaneous, natural, identical triplets are one in 500,000 - but Stacey Myers and Mark Colwell received this rare blessing just before the holidays in 2013. Learn how LHSC staff and physicians helped the couple through the high-risk pregnancy, delivery and care of their baby girls.

Caring for you, innovating for the world

When most people think of medical research, they think of a lab - not a hospital with patients. But at LHSC, patient care and research are inseperable. Explore LHSC's rich research past, present and future, and learn how LHSC research is impacting patient care within the region and around thew orld.

Shedding light on inherited metabolic disorders

April Willison says she owes her life to her brother Adam, whose tragic death over 20 years ago exposed an inherited metabolic disorder within the family. Read more on how April is thriving despite her disorder with the help of LHSC's Inherited Metabolic Disorders Clinic.

Did you know?

The types of diagnostic imaging tests and what each is used for can sometimes be confusing. Learn the difference between CT scans, MRIs, ultrasounds and X-rays and when each test may or may not be useful.

You asked us

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