Welcome to inside

After a decade of restructuring, we now touch the lives of more people in London and the southwest region than ever before. Given this and all of the changes ahead for health care in Ontario, we felt it was more important than ever to connect in new ways with the communities we serve.

A tale of two triumphs

Thirteen-year-old Dawson Malolepszy started skating shortly after he learned to walk, and he spends hours on the ice each week at competitive hockey games and practices. Five years ago that busy schedule came to a halt when he was diagnosed with cancer and shortly after an eating disorder; two life-threatening illnesses with competing treatment plans.

A gift of 10,000 days

It was the summer of 1983 and Ken Gaston, then a 23-year-old student, went from having a bright future ahead to nearly having no future at all.

Why wait?

Any number of injuries, illnesses and concerns bring nearly 150,000 patients to the emergency departments at London Health Sciences Centre every year—you may have been one of them. And unless your need was critical, chances are you spent some time waiting to be seen and treated. Find out some of the reasons why.

A "SMART" way to enhance mental health care

A new use of smart-phone technology is helping improve communication between mental health clients and their care providers, empowering people to participate more actively in their care.

Ringing in sounds of hope and healing

Every strike of the radiation therapy gong and chemotherapy bell at LHSC’s London Regional Cancer Program is full of meaning, achievement, and hope for a bright future.

Down the mountain to the top of his game

A world champion skier, Jan Hudec is no stranger to hard work, sacrifice, and gold medal triumph. But years of knee, back, and other injuries threatened to eliminate him from the sport entirely.

You asked us

One of the most common questions we get asked at LHSC is how to find your way around our Victoria Hospital site. Use this map to help you enter the campus at the right entrance, and park in the closest lot to make it easy to get to where you’re going.