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A message to our community

Facing Crohn's disease together

Shannon Cushman and Ava Hilton have a unique bond, not just as mother and daughter, but in their shared diagnosis of Crohn’s disease.

Notice a change, get it checked

Randy Bowden didn’t think much of the bump on his jawline, but decided to visit his doctor anyhow. That decision saved his life. 

Day surgery: Behind the scenes

We follow a patient through the day surgery journey from pre-admission to discharge at University Hospital. 

An ultra-rare disease: One family’s journey to life-saving treatment

Teaghan Gearey's mom knew something was wrong with her 7-year-old daughter. It would take two years to be formally diagnosed with an extraordinarily rare metabolic disorder.

London team first in the world to test new way of inserting feeding tubes

Feeding tubes are needed by those who cannot maintain adequate nutrition by mouth. Each year, approximately 400 patients at LHSC require a gastronomy feeding tube.

Rapid Access Clinics: helping patients with low back, hip and knee pain get the right care

As part of a regional initiative, Musculoskeletal Rapid Access clinics at LHSC opened in 2019.

I’m pregnant. Can I have a midwife at LHSC?

Midwives provide continuity of care, from early pregnancy to six weeks after birth. There are approximately 50 midwives in the London area affiliated with LHSC.