A happy ending for Tory and Rhett

Tory Struyf was pregnant with her third child, a difficult pregnancy almost resulted in tragedy.

Sepsis: say the word, save a life

Sometimes the flu isn't just the flu. Sometime it is sepsis, a condition many have not heard of, and London broadcast journalist Lisa Brandt is passionate about spreading the word.

Invisible impact: cognitive effects of Multiple Sclerosis

Neurologists estimate about 50 per cent of people with Multiple Sclerosis may experience some cognitive impairment. Sheryl Elliston talks about the effect it has on her life.

Choosing Wisely Canada

Learn how LHSC is involved in a national campaign to help clinicians and patients engage in conversations about unnecessary tests and treatments.

Believing in a cure

Jennie Ogden remembers the first time she heard the term Spinal Muscular Atrophy. She didn't know what it was, but she knew the word atrophy was serious.

Did You Know? Decontaminating and sterilizing medical devices

Each day more than 60 highly skilled MDR attendants reprocess over 25,000 medical devices for nearly 100 surgeries. They also reprocess over 150 medical imaging devices.

You Asked Us: Can I bring my dog to the hospital?

Unfortunately family pet visits are not permitted. This is in consideration for the health and safety of other patients, visitors and staff. However, there are some exceptions.