Magic growing rods

Emma Sneider is benefiting from MAGEC growing rods and a non-invasive treatment option for children with early-onset scoliosis.

Deep Brain Stimulation

Ask DJ Meadows how she feels, and she'll tell you she feels incredible after electrodes and a neurostimulator were inserted to reduce symptoms of Parkinson's disease.

Removing the mask on depression

Three weeks as an inpatient on the mental health unit has given David Renwick the coping skills to deal with depression when it comes around again.

Why give?

Why give? So patients can get back to what they love most. London Health Sciences Foundation (LHSF) has embarked on a fundraising campaign to ensure leading-edge care, teaching and research at London Health Sciences Centre is always there when it's needed most.

Diagnosing concussion

With a drop of blood, Dr. Douglas Fraser and a team of researchers are changing the way we diagnose concussion.

LHSC's negative pressure room ready to handle worst outbreaks

LHSC renovated a 12-bed inpatient unit that can be converted to a fully functioning negative pressure unit when there is a threat of a deadly infectious disease outbreak.

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