The power of imagination

Mckenna Lumley is a bright and imaginative girl who has dealt with two major health obstacles in her young life: a brain tumour at age four and a scoliosis diagnosis at age eight.

Mindy Williamson speaks out

Mindy Williamson coped with uterine fibroids for more than 20 years until robotic surgery offered her a minimally invasive option and a shortened recovery time.

Going digital: How electronic patient records are improving care

Electronic patient records hold many benefits for patients. Learn which information systems LHSC has put in place to improve care.

“I got my life back”

Severe hip arthritis left Brenda Devries immobilized in her mid-40s. Read about how her life changed after two total hip replacement surgeries allowed her to regain full function.

Probiotics give new hope to premature babies

Lawson researchers are working with the neonatal intensive care unit at Children’s Hospital, using probiotics to combat the devastating effects of necrotizing enterocolitis in premature babies.

Did you know?

LHSC is the regional centre for forensic pathology in southwestern Ontario. From autopsies to criminal trials, learn how pathologists and their teams help the police and the coroner to solve murders.

You asked us

Falls among older adults can have a devastating impact on quality of life. Read about how you can prevent falls in home and the community for yourself or your loved one.