Against all odds: The road to patient advocacy

Dr. Jeff Preston’s experience with disability helped him become a passionate advocate as Co-Chair of LHSC’s Patient Experience Advisory Council.

Waking up to a health-care crisis: When life and art froze

A debilitating condition stopped Michelle Easden’s artistic vision in its tracks. It was up to the team at London Health Sciences Centre to find the cause, and the remedy.

Close call with a chainsaw

Donald McKay’s close encounter with a chainsaw highlights the strength of LHSC’s Trauma Team.

Kids and concussions

With programs such as Return to Play and Return to Learn, concussions don’t have to stop childhood fun. LHSC doctors provide information and reassurance about paediatric concussion.

A gut reaction: Tackling colorectal cancer using ‘mini-guts’

Lab-grown 'mini-guts' may hold the secret to tackling colorectal cancer in people.

Did You Know?

London Health Sciences Centre provides a range of support for expectant parents beyond high-quality medical care.

What is the Period of PURPLE Crying?

November is the awareness month for the Period of PURPLE crying.