Woman to woman: endometrial cancer symptoms, tests and treatment

  While on vacation Lorraine Jardine experienced occasional spotting, unusual in post-menopausal women, and made sure she saw her doctor right away when she returned home.

The best wedding gift

Janice Corbin was diagnosed with an acute form of autoimmune hepatitis just before her daughter's wedding and urgently needed a liver transplant.

Frightening collision a lifesaver

Rhonda Scholtz was young, active and fit, when a collision led to the surprising discovery of the complete blockage in a main heart artery.

Patient transitions: from paediatric to adult care

Twenty years ago infants born with a chronic disease rarely lived beyond childhood. Now, not only are many children living well into adulthood, their quality of life has also improved. How to best transition children to adult care is an emerging field with no one-size-fits-all model.

Then and now: the evolution of Lawson's kidney research

In the 150 years since Confederation, Lawson has achieved numerous national and world firsts in hospital-based research. One is the development of the first artificial kidney machine in Canada, at LHSC’s Victoria Hospital.

Critical care is a need, not a place

Critical Care Outreach Teams bring critical care support and save the lives of at-risk patients outside of an intensive care unit.

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