Living with ALS

Brian Heaney was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis six years ago when he was just 41. Read about his life, research participation and care at LHSC.

Keeping care and family close to home

Telemedicine has made a huge difference in the life of Malcolm Kienapple and his family. He is living like a typical seven-year-old boy.

Celiac disease: eating gluten-free

For Theresa and her son Luke eating gluten-free is not an option. It is a necessity to maintain their health.

Booming demographic: caring for the growing population of older adults

More Canadians are living longer. One of the most prevalent imperatives of our time is the growing health-care needs of Canada’s older adults.

Research uncovers molecule pivotal in making ovarian cancer cells so lethal

Dr. Trevor Shepherd and his team discover a new target for research to find ovarian cancer therapies.

You Asked Us

Navigating the Zone E entrances at Victoria Hospital Zone E is home to many of our outpatient clinics. A common site is a patient and family member having difficulties making their way from the visitor parking lot over to one of the Zone E entrances. Learn the easiest way to access Zone E and save the handy map.

Did You Know?

900 volunteers, 90 programs, 80,000 hours each year From bears to bagpipes, LHSC volunteers bring their enthusiasm, passion and magic to our patients.