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It only takes a quick scan of the daily headlines to know that quality health care remains a hot topic for Ontarians. For us at London Health Sciences Centre, finding new ways to connect with the communities we serve on these top-of-mind matters remains an important priority. This publication is one of the ways in which we hope to take part in the conversation.

Behind the Scenes: LHSC'S Switchboard

Catch a glimpse of a part of the hospital that is often heard, but rarely seen - LHSC's switchboard.

Invincible: An Ironman’s quest to regain his lifestyle after robotic heart surgery

After spending nearly 30 years competing in Ironman Triathlons, 53-year-old Brian Keast has experienced his share of peaks and valleys. Perhaps the most challenging of these was his journey to regain his active lifestyle following robotic heart surgery.

Waging the war on bacteria

It’s no secret. There is a war on bacteria happening in hospitals across the country. While superbugs are becoming part of our everyday language; there still remains a lot of public uncertainty. To help us answer the question, inside sat down with Canadian infection control expert Denise Gravel.

The path to a groundbreaking surgery

If a doctor told you about a procedure they learned about while attending a medical conference, would you agree to be the first patient they try it out on? What if it was the only option that had the potential to save your life?

Cervical Cancer: A young mother's journey

When 32-year-old Nicole Padfield was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cervical cancer just six short weeks after giving birth to her third child, both she and her family were in shock.

Virtual rehab improves physical reality

Ashok Kuchinad is 72 years old. When he started having trouble with his speech he believed it was just part of getting older. In 2004 Kuchinad met Dr. Mandar Jog at a party. That’s when he learned it was much more. Find out how virtual reality rehab is helping him with his Parkinson's disease.

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