Fall 2020

Inside Fall 2020 Cover

In this edition, read first-hand accounts from staff and physicians working at LHSC during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as harrowing stories of patients battling the illness. You can also learn about groundbreaking COVID-19 research and Children’s Hospital’s virtual emergency clinic.

Spring 2020

Inside LHSC Spring 2020 Cover

In this edition, meet mother and daughter, Shannon and Ava Cushman, who have formed a unique mother-daughter bond through a shared Crohn's disease diagnosis. Learn how the London Regional Cancer Program is treating patients with life-changing melanomas through a targeted approach.Get a behind-the-scenes look at a patient's journey through day surgery from pre-admission to discharge at University Hospital. 

Fall 2019

Inside LHSC Fall 2019 Cover

In this edition, meet Barbara Palmateer who has a remarkable recovery from complex aortic surgery and was back to her routine after one months. Learn how LHSC’s Bariatric Centre of Excellence is changing lives through lifestyle and surgical intervention. You can also explore the rich history of innovation, and the bold future ahead, for LHSC’s Multi-Organ Transplant Program.

Summer 2019

In this edition, meet Robert Pio Hajjar, a man of many talents along with health challenges who makes a positive difference in so many lives. Learn how LHSC’s First Episode Mood and Anxiety Program changed Kirstie Leedham’s life as she struggled with anxiety and depression. You can also learn how LHSC is partnering with hospitals in the region to help combat the opioid crisis.

Spring 2019

June insideLHSC 2019

In this edition read about Serena Tejpar, who suffered catastrophic injuries as a result of a car crash, and the team who saved her. Meet Clark Burton, a hockey-loving four-year-old who doesn’t let a rare form of juvenile arthritis sideline him. Also in this edition read about Laura Sitlington who can now hear thanks to bone conduction hearing implants.

Fall 2018

In this edition read about Dr. Jeff Preston’s road to patient advocacy and how his experience with disability helped him become a passionate advocate as Co-Chair of LHSC’s Patient Experience Advisory Council. Learn about a debilitating condition which stopped Michelle Easden’s artistic vision for which the team at LHSC found the cause and the remedy. Also in this edition read about Donald McKay’s close encounter with a chainsaw which highlights the strength of LHSC’s Trauma Team.

Summer 2018

Summer 2018

In this issue, read about how Julian Boyd’s Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) surgery, and an additional procedure to create of a new ligament-like structure on the outside of the knee, helped him return to London Lightning basketball. LHSC’s Music Therapy program provides young Charlotte and her family comfort during their time at the hospital. You’ll also read about how Tyler Bryden’s experience with mental health care has made a significant difference in his life.

Spring 2018

In this edition we share the story of Tory Struyf who experienced a difficult pregnancy with her third child, which almost resulted in tragedy. You’ll read about sepsis, a condition many have not heard of, and London broadcast journalist Lisa Brandt who is passionate about spreading the word. You’ll also learn about thecognitive effects of multiple sclerosis. Neurologists estimate about 50 per cent of people with MS may experience some cognitive impairment. Sheryl Elliston talks about the effect it has on her life.

Fall 2017

Fall 2017 Cover

In the seventeenth edition of Inside LHSC, you’ll read about Janice Corbin, who received a new liver just before her daughter’s wedding, giving the best wedding gift. You’ll read about Lorraine Jardine, her experience with endometrial cancer, and what she learned about the symptoms, tests and treatment of this common gynecological cancer. You’ll also hear about Rhonda Scholtz who was young, active and fit when a collision led to the surprising discovery of the complete blockage of a main heart artery.

Summer 2017

Summer Cover

In the sixteenth edition of inside LHSC you’ll read about Julie Sawchuk who is paralyzed after a car drove into her bike while she was training for a triathlon. Julie still has that intense desire to improve, it is just channeled differently. You’ll hear about retired Olympic rower Gord Henry who, faced with a cancer diagnosis, began training for the challenge both mentally and physically. You’ll also read about mom-to-be Jessica Drummond who has seizures due to a traumatic brain injury and requires specialized care during pregnancy.

Spring 2017

In the fifteenth edition of inside LHSC you’ll read about Parkinson’s patient Donna Jean Meadows and how deep brain stimulation has enabled her to gain back some of the activities she loves such as riding her bike and travelling. You’ll find out about a non-invasive treatment option for children such as Emma Sneider with early-onset scoliosis. And you’ll find David Renwick‘s story of depression and how his stay as an inpatient on the mental health unit has given him the skills to deal with the disease when it comes around again.

Fall 2016

In the fourteenth edition of inside LHSC you’ll find a family’s perspective of the care their daughter Jenica Groot-Nibbelink received while in the critical care trauma unit. You’ll read about Yvonne White who, after a motorcycle crash, spent four years in a wheelchair and on crutches, and credits her surgeon for getting her back on her feet. You’ll also read about eating disorders and how LHSC helps its young patients transition to adult care.

Summer 2016

June Inside Magazine

In the thirteenth edition of inside LHSC you’ll read about Kathy Poirier’s cancer journey and her attention to laughter and love along the way. You’ll read about a Canadian first in robotic surgery which has allowed Elaine Fisher to again live on her own terms. You’ll also read about the expertise, care and compassion of LHSC’s social workers.

Spring 2016

In the twelfth edition of inside, you’ll read about how a child’s vibrant imagination has helped her to cope with two big health challenges. You’ll learn about LHSC’s forensic pathologists and their teams and how they help the coroner and the police to solve criminally suspicious cases. You’ll also read about how electronic health records are improving patient care.

Fall 2015

In the eleventh edition of inside, you’ll read about what it’s like to live with ALS. You’ll also learn how seven year old Malcolm Kienapple, who has nephrotic syndrome, is able to have regular clinic visits with his doctor at LHSC through the Ontario Telemedicine Network while living in northern Ontario. We feature interviews with three health-care professionals on how acute care hospitals are preparing to care for the growing demographic of older adults, as well as how a mother and son cope with the lifestyle changes associated with celiac disease.

Summer 2015

In the tenth edition of inside you’ll learn about patient Dean Ewing, whose life-changing orthopaedic surgery enables him to once again stand tall. You’ll read about Bob Henry who found a voice at the most critical time in his care through the iPad Pilot Project. We feature five LHSC patients who are advocating for better care, as well as a story on the Personalized Medicine Clinic and Margaret Greene’s unique treatment plan tailored right down to her DNA.

Winter 2015

In the ninth edition of inside we share the story of a young burn patient's long road to recovery. You'll also hear of Ravi Gupta and his story of overcoming mental health stigma one step at a time. Learn about how Cinemavision goggles are helping kids undergo MRIs. As well, read about LHSC's porters moving a vast variety of people safely.

Fall 2014

In the eighth edition of inside, we learn what it's like to go from being a first responder to a survivor,how the way diabetes is treated is changing, and take a behind-the-scenes look at LHSC food services. We also explore LHSC's role in educating the next generation of health-care professionals, and examine how research is helping children with heart health issues.

Summer 2014

Summer 2014 Cover Image

In the seventh edition of inside we share the story of how a young family experienced the rare joy of naturally conceived triplets, and we also learn how one young man's tragic story is shaping the public's view on the dangers of distracted driving. Through one woman's journey, we explore life with a metabolic disorder, and we also share the basics behind several types of common diagnostic imaging tests.

Winter 2014

In this sixth edition we explore the importance of sleep through the personal story of Jerry Lee, whose life was changed through LHSC's Slee and Apnea Assessment Unit. We also examine capacity challenges in acute care facilities, discuss an innovative head and neck cancer treatment and take an indepth view into the challenges of getting Olympian Kaya Turski back into competitive form in time for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

Fall 2013

In this fifth edition, learn how NHL star Brandon Prust is helping kids kick cancer at LHSC, go behind the scense of how LHSC prepares for 'flu season', and take a journey through LHSC's Fertility Clinic, through the personal story of the Londini Family. Also in this issue, learn how one couple has taken dialysis treatment on the road so that they could live their retirement dream, thanks to help from the regional renal program.

Summer 2013

In this fourth edition, we share some touching stories from some of our patients including the experience of one little girl who was given the ability to smile. We also take you behind the scenes of our hospital infrastructure and explain how we are able to ensure care in any situation.

Winter 2013

Inside Winter 2013

In this third edition of inside, we hope you will see how we continue to build on our proud legacy of care at LHSC, through some of the exceptional experiences of our patients like Courtney Johnson and her fraternal twins Jaxson and Jacob Cartmill, and some incredible achievements that we are proud to share including our participation at the ISU World Figure Skating Championships and becoming the national training centre for robotic surgery.

Fall 2012

Inside Magazine Fall 2012

In this second edition, we explore an issue that is facing hospitals across Canada: hospital-acquired infections and the war on bacteria. We get a lot of questions from patients and families about infection control and we all see stories in the media raising concerns about ‘superbugs.’ So, to help explain this complicated issue, we interviewed an infection control expert from the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Summer 2012

Summer 2012 cover

In this inaugural issue we look at the impact that a bell's ring can have in our London Regional Cancer Program and profile a number of inspiring patients including Dawson, whose fight with cancer and anorexia nervosa shows the power of teamwork, family and determination. We also turn the lens on our Emergency Departments in order to better understand wait times for emergency care.