Healing from COVID-19

By the time Wendi Heal went for a COVID-19 test, the virus had made her so ill that she was rushed to the emergency department. What followed was an inspiring health-care journey that continues today.

Simple device improves care after kidney transplantation

After a kidney transplant, many patients experience complications like swelling, which can affect their recovery. A simple device called the gekoTM has been found to significantly reduce swelling and improve patient outcomes.

LHSC after dark: Caring through the night

In March 2021, we toured our hospitals after-hours to capture a behind-the-scenes look at the exceptional care delivered 24/7. This photographic tribute provides a small glimpse at the outstanding work of our staff, physicians, researchers, and learners as they care through the night.

Jack’s weekly visit: Tackling a rare blood disorder

When 10-year-old Jack Malott-Clarke started developing heavy bruises, his mom, Lauryn, became concerned. Jack was sent for medical testing and diagnosed with severe aplastic anemia, a rare blood disorder where the body’s bone marrow stops making new blood cells.

Growth and recovery: Overcoming ovarian cancer

As Melissa Selmes’ daughter grew inside of her, so did an ovarian cyst. Starting out the size of a pea, it developed into an 18-pound tumour. This marked the beginning of Melissa’s journey with a rare form of ovarian cancer. 

LHSC provides care in the community

LHSC provides care at multiple sites across London, Ontario. Our teams at these community locations offer comprehensive care and services to diverse patient populations.

What is virtual care?

The pandemic has accelerated the deliver of virtual care at LHSC. Learn what virtual care means for patients and families, and how to prepare for a virtual care appointment.