LHSC at the ISU World Figure Skating Championships®

Winter 2013

Staff from London Health Sciences Centre, including the Fowler Kennedy Sport Medicine Clinic will be volunteering as part of the host medical team at the ISU World Figure Skating Championships® taking place March 11-17 in London, Ont.

The host medical team, comprised of physicians, physiotherapists, athletic therapists, nurses, and paramedics, will be responsible for providing 24/7 on-site medical care and treatment of any acute injuries or illness to the best 180 figure skaters the world has to offer.

Dr. Tatiana Jevremovic, a primary care physician at Fowler Kennedy will be leading the host medical team as the chief medical officer at the World Championships.

“I’m pleased to have the opportunity to lead the medical support at at the Worlds and am really grateful to have such a strong team in place,” says Dr. Jevremovic. “As a team, we are very much looking forward to supporting this world-class event.”

Joining her at the Worlds in another principal position is Fowler Kennedy’s Medical Director and LHSC Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dr. Robert Litchfield. He will be the on-call orthopaedic surgery consultant. Other on-call specialties will include dentistry, ophthalmology, massage therapy, chiropractic, osteopathy, and pedorthic services.

“We have a full range of volunteers on our medical team who will be ready to provide care as needed,” says Dr. Jevremovic. “Having a full spectrum of on-call specialists available to us will not only help us to streamline care for injured or ill athletes, but will also prevent any excess burden on our local emergency departments.”

While some countries send their own medical staff, others do not travel with medical support and rely solely on the host team for any of their care needs. For those that do travel with their own medical support, the on-site host team is available to provide medical assistance if needed, and space where treatment can be provided.

As the only medical team that is allowed to respond to athletes in medical distress while they are on the ice, the host team assumes an incredible responsibility.

“Once we’ve stabilized the athlete and have safely removed them from the ice, we work together with the athlete and their medical team to ensure they get the best medical care” says Dr. Jevremovic. “Ultimately our goal as the host medical team is to get the skaters back on the ice safely in as little time as possible.”

Dr. Jevremovic has a long-standing history with Skate Canada and is also their current domestic chief medical advisor. This will be her fifth time as chief medical officer of a host medical team.

As the sports medicine team for varsity athletics at Western University, local sports teams such as The London Knights and London Lightning, and with many of its staff working with national sport federations and attending international events such as the Olympics and the Pan Am Games, the team at LHSC's Fowler Kennedy has a rich history of providing exceptional medical services to athletes ranging from weekend warriors to elite competitors

Tessa Virtue shares her thoughts on Fowler Kennedy

Tessa Virtue’s 2008 and 2010 surgeries and subsequent rehab for exertional compartment syndrome in her shins were completed by the team at London Health Sciences Centre’s Fowler Kennedy Sport Medicine Clinic. Her thoughts on her experience working with the Fowler Kennedy team is captured in the following video.

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•	Dr. Robert Litchfield, Dr. Tatiana Jevremovic and Steve DiCiacca are three of the many Fowler Kennedy team members who will be volunteering at the ISU World Figure Skating Championships®
LHSC staff and physicians volunteering as part of the host medical team at the Worlds