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Summer 2014

What are some interesting facts about LHSC and the organizations that support the hospital?

It wouldn’t be much fun if we just listed statistics, so in the pursuit of knowledge, please enjoy our trivia game! Discover the little-known-facts that surround the work, research, and fundraising that keeps the wheels turning here at LHSC.

*Answer key located on the bottom of the page. No peeking!

1. How many patients visit LHSC each year?
A. 30,000 – about the same number of people who run the Boston Marathon
B.  110,000 – about the same as the capacity as the largest football stadium in North America
C.  500,000- about the same as the number of attendees at the Toronto International Film Festival
D. Over 1,000,000 - about the same number of people who ride the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) subway everyday

2. The number of babies born at LHSC annually is approximately equal to:
A: The number of seats in the House of Commons (approx. 300)
B: The capacity of Centennial in London Ontario (approx. 1,600)
C: The capacity of the world’s largest cruise ship (approx. 6,000)
D: None of the above, because babies are not delivered at LHSC

3. Donations to London Health Sciences Foundation (LHSF) are used to fund:
A: World-class research
B: Specialized equipment and facilities
C: Continuing education and training
D: Patient assistance programs
E: All of the above

4. In the last 17 years, our community has donated $____ in support of LHSC through London Health Sciences Foundation?
A: Over $333 million
B. $100 million
C: $5 million
D: $198,000 thousand

5. The number of researchers and investigators who work at LHSC is:
A: 958
B: 1,850
C: 4,382
D: none - no researchers work at LHSC

6. Children’s Hospital has incredible friends in the community, including over 700 fundraising volunteers. How many community-run fundraising events are held in support of Children’s Health Foundation each year? (Hint: The average Facebook user has this many friends.
A: 250
B: 130
C: 78
D: 300

7. LHSC has been providing compassionate and high-quality care to patients and their families, while also pioneering medical innovations for more than ____years.
A. About 75 years – LHSC was opened at the start of WWII.
B. 139 years – LHSC’s history of medical innovation is as old as the Supreme Court of Canada.
C. 30 years – medical innovations began when Lawson Research Institute opened.
D. 147 years – LHSC is as old as Canada

8. How many “medical firsts” (i.e. Canadian, North-American or worldwide) have occurred at LHSC?
A. Three: LHSC was the first in the world to use the cobalt bomb (used to deliver radiation therapy to cancer patients), the first in North America to perform a BONBRIDGE bone conduction implant (to improve hearing), and the first in Canada to conduct voice-activated robotic assisted minimally invasive cardiac bypass surgery.
B. None – LHSC is primarily for emergency cases.
C. It’s a trick question, medical firsts always happen in a designated test centre located in a lab.
D. There were at least 65 medical firsts at LHSC at the time that this issue of inside was printed, including all of those listed in A.

9. Clinical trials are studies that test the effectiveness of new treatments or medications. By participating in a clinical trial, patients can gain access to the latest innovations in care, treatment and medical devices. How many clinical trials are currently happening at LHSC?
A: Over 2,300
B: Over 1,500
C: Over 200
D: None

10. Donations to Children’s Health Foundation help ensure that Children’s Hospital can provide exceptional care to kids from across Southwestern Ontario. Which of the following benefit from funding provided by generous donors?
A: Equipment needs, like incubators for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
B: Free legal advice service for patient families
C: Specialized support to help children cope with illness
D: All of the above


1:D, 2:C, 3:E, 4:A, 5:A, 6:B, 7B:, 8:D, 9:A,10:D

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