Special update

Spring 2020

Dear Readers,

This issue was due to come out in March, just as COVID-19 began to impact London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) and our community. As we shifted our focus to the pandemic response and to keeping patients, staff and physicians safe — including limiting many non-emergency appointments and procedures — we chose to hold this issue until such time as we could foresee a return to normal operations.

While ‘normal’ may take a while to achieve, and will almost certainly look different than it did pre-COVID-19, we felt the time was right share stories of hope and resilience, research and recovery — something you will find in every issue of Inside LHSC. In the meantime, for information related to COVID-19 and its current impact on LHSC, please visit our website.

On a final note, on behalf of all the staff and physicians at LHSC, we would like to thank you for your tremendous efforts in flattening the curve, and for the overwhelming support you have shown to the health-care community and all essential workers during these unprecedented times.

Stay safe, and stay well.

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