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Spring 2019

Can I smoke cannabis at LHSC?

No, smoking of any kind on LHSC owned or operated premises, facilities, and grounds, is not allowed in compliance with the Smoke-Free Ontario Act.

Smoking includes having an e-cigarette, burning cigarette, cigar or pipe containing burning tobacco or any other substance such as marijuana that can be smoked.

The use of any recreational cannabis at LHSC - including dried product, concentrates, and cannabis consumables –is not permitted based on health, courtesy, legal and safety considerations.

In October 2018 the Canadian government legalized the sale of cannabis to adults across the country.

Patients who are recreational users may, when permitted, be prescribed medical cannabis and required to obtain supply from a licensed producer.

LHSC promotes and supports a smoke-free environment as part of its commitment to providing a compassionate, high-quality care environment for all patients, families, and staff.






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