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Spring 2017

Why give? So patients can get back to their families and what they love most. London Health Sciences Foundation (LHSF) has embarked upon a fundraising campaign to ensure that leading-edge care, teaching and research at London Health Sciences Centre is always there when it’s needed most. Learn more at lhsf.ca/campaign

With your help, the campaign will support:

Cancer Care

Kathy’s life changed forever the day she was diagnosed with advanced throat cancer. In order to remove the tumour, her thyroid and part of her esophagus had to be removed. LHSC gave her a new voice – and Kathy made sure she never lost her spirit.

One of our top fundraising priorities is:

• Renovating the fight against cancer with a large-scale renovation of London Regional Cancer Program (LRCP), including a new pharmacy and chemotherapy unit as well as new patient reception and waiting areas

Your support will help London Regional Cancer Program provide the best possible care today, improve care for tomorrow and diminish the need for care in the future.

Watch Kathy’s incredible journey at lhsf.ca/cancercare

Women’s Care

A traumatic accident almost took Jessica’s life. A fractured skull and frequent seizures threatened her hopes for a family. Thanks to specialized care and high-tech monitoring, Jessica has given birth to two healthy children.

One of our top fundraising priorities is:

Maternal newborn care, highly personalized and precise care – including preconception counselling and extensive first-trimester ultrasound screening – so that pregnancy and birth complications are identified early and a woman’s care is adjusted accordingly 

Your donation will introduce innovative approaches and models of care at LHSC – enhancements that will improve patient care for women and their families.

Discover Jessica’s amazing story at lhsf.ca/womenscare

Orthopaedic Care

It was just another regular day at work for millwright Gino until a 1,200-pound piece of equipment fell on his leg, crushing it. The risk of losing his leg was very real — devastating news for this happy and hard-working man.

One of our top fundraising priorities is:

Joint regeneration research to develop innovative treatments for people from across Ontario who require specialist treatment to maintain their joint function – preventing the disability that often results from joint injury and returning patients to their active lives

Donor support will take orthopaedic care to the next level for joint replacement, spine, sport medicine and trauma patients.

Learn how LHSC helped Gino remake his life at lhsf.ca/orthocare

Cardiac Care

It took getting hit by a truck to have the tests which revealed that fitness-loving Rhonda’s heart was at risk of failing from a blocked artery. In fact, she credits the accident with saving her life.

One of our top fundraising priorities is:

Cardiac imaging technology to allow for more accurate diagnosis and less invasive treatment 

Your donation will advance and expand procedures that get patients back on their feet faster and back to their families sooner.

See how Rhonda got her life back at lhsf.ca/cardiaccare

Mental Health

David’s life-altering journey with anxiety and depression was originally triggered by work stress and led to unhealthy weight loss and distress. A trip to the Emergency Department at LHSC was the start of his return to a healthy life.

One of our top fundraising priorities is:

Early intervention programs, so that patients receive mental health care before their symptoms irreparably disrupt their life or hospitalization is required

Your support will enable LHSC to enhance access and strengthen the continuity of care for patients with mental health disorders.

Share in David’s return to good health at lhsf.ca/mentalhealth

Impact Fund

By donating to the Impact Fund, you are helping LHSC acquire state-of-the-art equipment and advance new approaches to care. Donations to the Impact Fund help turn dreams into reality by enabling our hospital to strategically invest in key technologies and care initiatives that government funding simply cannot achieve.

If you want your donor dollars to have the biggest impact and maximize the work of the amazing staff, physicians and researchers at LHSC, the Impact Fund is right for you.

Learn more at lhsf.ca/impactfund


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