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Fall 2018

The hospital provides a wide range of support for expectant parents

London Health Sciences Centre, home to the city’s only hospital-based birthing centre since June 2011, welcomes nearly 6,000 babies to the world each year.

At LHSC, women deliver in the Birthing Centre following their assessment at Triage. Women may also have received prenatal care at LHSC in the Women’s Ambulatory Care Centre or on the Antenatal Care Unit. Following delivery, most will receive care in the Mother Baby or Neonatal Intensive Care Units. While there, in addition to continued high-quality medical care, nurses take a family-centred care approach to helping families prepare for the transition home with a wide range of support and education on self and infant care, including lactation consults and awareness for the Period of PURPLE Crying. LHSC’s maternal newborn care teams are comprised of highly-skilled maternal fetal medicine physicians, obstetricians, registered nurses, registered practical nurses, anesthesiologists, social workers, residents, medical students, nursing students, and lactation and dietician consultants, as well as midwifery teams and community-based primary care physicians.

In addition the wide range of education and support provided to both expectant and newly postpartum parents in our maternal newborn care programs, the hospital’s Injury Prevention program also helps to make it easier for first-time parents to prepare a safer physical home environment with the provision of home safety kits.

Each year, LHSC’s Children’s Hospital, treats thousands of injured children. Injuries are the leading cause of death for children and many of these – especially those that occur in the home – are both predictable and preventable. As the regional trauma centre, we do what we can to help prevent injuries in children by helping to keep home safety top of mind.

At LHSC, all first-time parents are offered home safety devices and education during pre-admit appointments. Additional education and resources are provided by the nursing team on the mother baby care and neonatal intensive care units.

The safety kit includes a few key products such as plug protectors, cabinet locks, and toilet latches, along with a home safety checklist, which is available in multiple languages. Typically the kit will include five to eight products that are directly based on the feedback LHSC receives from parents. The contents of the safety kit are continually changing to ensure that it provides the items most helpful and most used by families.

Last fiscal year LHSC gave away 1,455 kits to first-time parents thanks to the generosity of Children’s Health Foundation which graciously provides funding for these kits and other paediatric injury prevention programs.

Home safety kits have also been provided to families visiting the Children’s Emergency Department at LHSC, by community partners such as public health nurses and midwives, and at a series of community events, including one to welcome newcomers to Canada.


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