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Fall 2015

I have an appointment in Zone E at Victoria Hospital and have trouble walking. What is the easiest way to get to the main entrance of Zone E at Victoria Hospital?

Zone E at Victoria Hospital is home to many of our outpatient clinics. A common sight in Zone E is a patient and family member having difficulties making their way from the visitor parking lot over to one of the Zone E entrances. It can be quite a trek, especially if you have problems walking, are using a wheelchair or assistive device, or are facing the snow in winter.

We encourage anyone who has trouble walking to use the drop off circle at the main entrance of Zone E where visitors can stop for a few minutes and take advantage of the easy and quick access to the main entrance. Inside the doors of the main entrance there are wheelchairs, as well as an information desk with a volunteer who can help you find your way. There is also a place for your loved one to wait for you while you park your car.

Print out this Zone E map and keep it handy next time you visit Zone E at Victoria Hospital.

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