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Fall 2014

With patients, for patients: LHSC launches Regional Renal Program website

This summer, LHSC launched a Regional Renal Program website to provide resources for patients to assist them with their journey through treatment. The site includes information on the basics of kidney disease, treatment options, adjusting to dialysis medication, exercise, and dietary information (including recipes) and a section for families with support information. The site’s hallmark is the patient videos, where eight unique patient stories are combined with care information to provide a holistic approach to learning about kidney disease.

LHSC first in North America to implant new generation cardiac device

On May 12, LHSC’s heart team, as well as a multidisciplinary team including anesthesiologists, nurses, and clinical perfusionists, performed North America’s first ACURATE TA™ transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) on patient James Poulais. Currently available TAVI devices were not suitable due to Poulias’ anatomy, but the newer generation TAVI device, which allows safer treatment of higher risk patients with fewer complications, proved to be an excellent solution for Poulias.

“Our results have been excellent with our first cases,” says LHSC’s Dr. Michael Chu. “We can now expand TAVI treatment to higher risk patients who were otherwise deemed untreatable.”

22nd Annual Teddy Bear Picnic

Volunteers, staff and physicians of Children’s Hospital at LHSC joined together in the atrium at Victoria Hospital on June 10 to host the 22nd Annual Teddy Bear Picnic. The picnic gives kids – including inpatients, outpatients and those who visit the hospital regularly – a chance to forget about their illness and have some fun.

In addition to a delicious barbecue, the event included Dr. Beary Goode, the Energizer Bunny, Spiderman, racers and a racing truck from Delaware Speedway, the musical group “The Tomato Soup Band,” a vintage Batmobile, games, face painting and more.

The event was made possible through the generous support of the Children’s Health Foundation as well as many wonderful community sponsors.

LHSC places close second in blood drive

LHSC staff and physicians placed a close second in the Canadian Blood Services (CBS) Hospital Challenge, donating 127 units of blood in June and July. Lakeridge Health in Oshawa finished first with 152 units. This is the first year that LHSC participated in the challenge, in which the organization competed against 20 hospitals from southwestern Ontario and the greater Toronto area to donate the most units of blood during the summer months when donations to Canadian Blood Services typically run low.

With areas such as the regional trauma and cancer programs — both high blood-product users — LHSC uses the majority of all blood products collected in London.

In addition to the incredible donations, LHSC also had 177 new Partners for Life (PFL) registrations. By registering as a PFL member, these individuals demonstrated their commitment to saving lives and helping LHSC meet its annual PFL target—set this year at 400 units.

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A young participant in the Teddy Bear Picnic enjoys fun and games with a multitude of other children, who were given the chance to forget about illnesses and have some fun.
James Poulias, (3rd from left) and members of the cardiac surgery team at University Hospital. Poulias was the first patient in North America to receive a new generation cardiac device.
The new Regional Renal Program website was launched in front of patients, Regional Renal Program staff, and representatives of the Ontario Renal Network to signal the team effort involved in its creation.
Dr. Ian Chin-Yee, a hemoatologist with the blood transfusion lab at LHSC, rolls up his sleeve to donate blood.